No Exit by Taylor Adams



Darby Thorne is a college student stranded by a blizzard at a highway rest stop in the middle of nowhere. She’s on the way home to see her sick mother. She’ll have to spend the night in the rest stop with four complete strangers. Then she stumbles across a little girl locked inside one of their parked cars.

There is no cell phone reception, no telephone, no way out because of the snow, and she doesn’t know which one of the other travellers is the kidnapper.

WARNING! Do not start this book in bed when you need to get up the next day and get 2 lazy teenagers up for school/college! This is such a tense read. Everything happens over one night in one place with only 6 people. As it’s set in such a short space of time you keep reading to see what could possibly happen next and how will the main character Darby get out of it. It’s full of suspense and it grips you pretty early on.

 Taylor Adams did an amazing job of conveying the feeling of being trapped and not knowing who to trust. You can feel how scared Darby is throughout the book and how unsure she is of what to do and who to trust. You feel hope when you think she has a plan and you equally feel her dismay and terror when you realise its not going to work.

 The fact that its set in such a short space of time in such a small place with so few people is what makes this book as good as it is. It adds to the suspense as you know nobody can escape, not even the bad guys can escape and make a break for it. It makes everyone feel desperate and willing to do things they definitely usually wouldn’t. 

I recommend this book to anyone who likes suspenseful books you wont be disappointed.

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