Review policy

I am no longer accepting requests to review books on this blog. I will still be active on my bookstagram page and will review books on there from now on. You can find me at


I am willing to consider any genre of book but I reserve the right to refuse if it is not something i think I will genuinely want to read.


I prefer physical books since they are better for photos. I’m a kindle reader, so I will also accept ebooks as mobi files via email or NetGalley.


I will give an honest review of your book, and the opinions are entirely my own.I will say if the book is sent to me or if it is a sponsored post. I like to promote books on my Instagram account only. I don’t have a rating system I like to give a fair assessment of each book that I read and I will fairly say if I did or didn’t enjoy it. I reserve the right to refuse review requests and if I do not finish a book due to not liking it I will contact you to discuss options on how to proceed. If it is a book that is not published yet I will need at least 2 weeks notice before the review date. If it is a already published book I will not be able to guarantee when the review is written unless a deadline was established when requesting.

What to include when requesting reviews

Please include the following information when requesting a review:

Title of Book, Author, Synopsis, Genre, Format, and Relevant PR information – desired review date and any information you deem relevant.

Please contact me by email at I will not be able to guarantee a answer for all requests but I will do my best.