Summer Book Tag

Hello everyone it’s been a while! I’ve had a few weeks off while my husband was off work and I’ve been enjoying the weather and I thought what better way to come back than with a book tag! I was tagged by Ashely from Ashes Books and Bobs to do the summer book tag. Check her post out to see her summer reading goals.

1. Series you plan on finishing by the end of summer.

I have already done this! The only series I planned to finish was the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber and I did last month.

2. Romance you plan to read by end of the summer.

This is not a new book but I’ve only recently discovered this series and the fourth book is sitting on my shelf waiting for me.

3. New Release you most want to read.

There were a few new releases that I wanted to read that came out over the summer. This is one I haven’t got to yet but I’ve seen so many reviews for it and I love Lisa Jewell!

4. Bookish Goal You Made For Summer.

Not necessarily a goal for summer but I have stopped myself from requesting on Netgalley before I finish what I have. So far I’ve stuck to that!

5. Non Bookish Goal You Made For Summer.

Does keeping sane with 2 teenagers that constantly bicker in the house count? If not then I didn’t really make any goal beyond relaxing and enjoying the time off. 😊

6. Read On The Beach Or In The Park.

The park always! I like the beach but I prefer to walk in the sea and don’t really just sit on the beach. I will however sit in the park as long as possible.

7. Go-to Summer Read. Cute Romance or Scary Thriller.

Both. I’m a mood reader so I change it up quite often.

8. What’s Your Biggest Dream/Goal In Life?

Is it bad to say I don’t know? I want my kids to be happy, nice, well adjusted people and I want to go to Disney world. Beyond that I’m happy now.

So there are my answers and I don’t know who to tag so I tag everyone! If you’ve not done this I tag you! Have fun 😊

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