The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy #bookreview


We all want different things. Francie wants to be the perfect mother. Nell wants to escape the past. Collette wants to spend more time with her family. All Winnie wants is to have her baby back.

When Nell suggests a night out in Brooklyn to her new mums’ club, the others jump at the chance. But the evening takes a tragic turn when Winnie learns that her six-week-old son Midas has been kidnapped.

As the investigation hits a dead end, Nell, Collette and Francie make it their mission to succeed where the police are failing. But as Winnie and those around her come under scrutiny from the media, damaging secrets come to light and friendships are pushed to the limit.

Because people will do almost anything to protect the ones they love . . .

Its every parents worst nightmare. You get a night out, your first since having a baby, and something terrible happens to your baby! When The May Mothers mother and baby group have a night out to have a night off from the stress of being new mothers one of their babies goes missing. We follow Nell, Francie and Collette as they try to help their friend Winnie by finding out what happened to baby Midas.

I loved each of these characters! It’s very rare in a book that I like all of them but in this I did. Each one of them has her own worries and problems that come with being a new mother and I’m sure most parents have had at least one of these worries at some point. Nell is being forced back to work earlier than she would have liked and is struggling with leaving her baby more than she will admit. Collette never stopped work and her baby is behind in her developments and she is so worried about everything but can’t admit it. Francie just wants to be perfect, she wants her child to have the perfect childhood she never got and to have the perfect life with her husband. I think the author did a fantastic job of highlighting some of the pressures and criticisms new mothers can face and building a story around them. When the media finds out that Winnie was on a night out when her baby was kidnapped it instantly becomes her fault. She was selfish, she should never have left him and how dare she need a night of fun! Mothers returning to work was another highlighted issue. The pressure to return or risk losing your job and the criticism you can face when you do return because you are leaving your baby. Feeding your baby formula and feeling ashamed that you are doing so was another one that stood out for me, probably because my babies were both formula fed.

As the story and mystery around the kidnapping progress you find out that each of these ladies have their own secrets that they are trying to hide. Secrets that someone else is willing to expose if they wont stop looking for baby Midas. They are trying to escape their own pasts and I found that I wanted to keep reading to find out exactly who was hiding what.

I have to say I loved the ending and I did not see this one coming! The way the ending was written actually made you feel sympathy for the kidnapper and you even slightly understood the reasons they did it. Anyone who is a fan of a psychological thriller I believe will enjoy this

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