The New Girl by Ingrid Alexandra


You’ve only just met.
But she already knows you so well.

When Rachel moves into the spare room in Mary’s flat, everyone is quick to jump to the conclusion that there’s something strange about her. Everyone apart from Mary.

And when Rachel starts sleepwalking, the flatmates’ fears grow. But there’s something about the new girl that Mary can’t help but trust, and having recently escaped a toxic relationship, she needs the support.

Rachel becomes a friend and an ally, and Mary soon discovers that they have more in common than she ever could have imagined.

In fact, Rachel seems to know more about Mary than she knows about herself…

When I got this book the blurb made me think of Single White Female. I was wrong, this is not like that. Mary is trying to overcome an abused relationship when she meets Rachel. In Rachel she has found a kindred spirit while her friends around her think something is wrong with her. While this is happening Mary is also trying to remember something that her ex may have done. This book is a bit jumbled for me, while I enjoyed it overall I found I got annoyed by somethings. In some parts the time would change from first thing in the morning to last thing at night or a few days had passed and it was never mentioned that the time had passed. Minor but it annoyed me a little. Also the attitude of people close to her when she wanted to go to the police. They kept alluding to what happened last time but it was never actually explained what happened last time.

The overall story I did enjoy though. The main story is Mary trying to overcome her past relationship and discover what exactly happened on the night of a murder. Its told mostly in the present and every other chapter is a diary entry that Mary writes in. It is made to look like people around her are doing things to control her or are just acting suspicious. It was a slower thriller than the ones I usually read and I did guess part of the ending but not the whole story.

In general it wasn’t the best thriller I’ve ever read but it wasn’t the worst either. I will probably read the next book Ingrid Alexandra writes.

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