Why I hate The Term Guilty Pleasure.

This could be a long post or short one, we’ll have to see where it takes me. Basically this is just me having a moan about something that bothers me.


I hate this term, it annoys me more then nails on a chalkboard or squeaky cotton wool. I’m not sure where my hatred for this began or why it suddenly started to annoy me but one day I heard it and I was asking myself why? Why should I feel bad for liking this book or this music? It makes me happy.

I love Fifty Shade Of Grey! Yes it’s not the best book or particularly well written and the story line is not great but something about that book makes me happy. So why should I feel guilty about that? I love Grease 2! No it’s nowhere near as good as the first, in fact even loving it I can say it’s bloody awful but watching it and singing along to the dodgy songs makes me extremely happy. Who decided that we were supposed to feel guilty for liking something that make us happy, as long as it’s legal of course. Who decided it was OK to shame me for liking trashy romance books where everything is so cliched it makes you eyes roll in the back of your head permanently. I’m allowed to like films that have nothing of any substance in them and bad acting.

So here’s to liking whatever books, film and music you want! May you never feel guilty for liking something that makes you happy and never use the term guilty pleasure again!

13 thoughts on “Why I hate The Term Guilty Pleasure.”

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! What I like doesn’t have to be what anyone else likes, and vice versa. It’s what keeps life interesting, everyone enjoying different things. (And case in point, I may not love the Twilight series, but the writing duo that forms Christina Lauren, whom I adore, started out writing Twilight fanfic together, and I’m thrilled that they did, because their books have brought me so much enjoyment!) Love what you love, because wonderful things may come from it. 🙂


      1. Same! And I’ll admit it here, I love boy band music! 😀 When I walk, it’s what I listen to the most. It’s upbeat and poppy and gets me moving, so that’s what counts (because I kind of hate exercise otherwise, haha). No shame! 🙂

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  2. I love everything about this post !! Fifty shades is one of my favorite books/movies/soundtrack. It makes me so happy too ! I also have a few other “guilty” pleasures that I ask don’t feel like I should feel guilty for. What I say is, to each his own.


      1. Exactly. I agree. I hated the first movie for a while but once I had all three copies and watched them more , it grew on me. The soundtrack on the other hand is a whole other level. That can get me out of every other mood besides happy. It’s crazy!
        Same to you – you do you girl !

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