Comfort Books


Do you have a comfort book? Mine is easily the Harry Potter series. I can pick up any book in the series at any time and know exactly what’s going on.

They are the books I pick up when I don’t know what to read next, which is ridiculous as my TBR list is not a small one, or when I just need something to read that is familiar and it is my favourite thing to read when I feel down and need something comforting. I’m not sure you can call Harry Potter relaxing but I find it incredibly relaxing. I find the content of magic and fantasy is the perfect antidote for anything that I need distracting from or if I need cheering up. I have read these books so many times that I feel like the characters are old friends and I don’t care that I know exactly what is going to happen.

Do you have a book or series that you go to when you need something like a comforting blanket? Leave your favourites below.

Bye for now.

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